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SnapCircuits made electronics engineering easy. You dexterously design, build, analyse and draw schematic like a pro! It is a playful tool that will equally engage kids, hobbyists, young and beginners to electronics and electricity. They will build strong foundations to circuit designing. These are not kits but they have a small science lab in a box. Above all, they are safe, no harm to kids if they are around.There are many snap circuit kits available, but I try to curate those kits only which are under$75. 
Elenco Practical Soldering Project Kit:The kit includes soldering practice boards and materials. It is a trouble-free soldering kit. Soldering has to be learnt and done by electronic technicians, students and hobbyists. It provides better practicing  material with simple projects. With the help of this kit you will gain knowledge about the following topics.Soldering. How to solderMultivibratorExperience with Printed Circuit BoardsTwo tone European siren

Snap Circuits “Arcade”, Elec…


“Develop passion for learning”
I am am a devoted learner, blogger. I am passionate about knowledge sharing, teaching, exploring new technology, inventions, researches in the field of electronics.

I am an electronic engineer by my profession and a writer by my passion. Writing science articles is my favourite pastime. I am a mother of two toddlers. Most of the time I am busy with my two kids, while rest of the time I try to learn, share and write. 

The blog solely contain educational material for students of ECE. I developed tutorials for newbies, tried to make them as simple as possible. I also provide solved examples and diagrams where ever necessary.


  1. Assalmoalikum teacher.
    I am a software engineer and a government teacher. I have learned your octal number system. It's very useful for me and my class of 8th. I am also fond of science articles which is related to new invention in the world. I have a idea that i want to my own drone which help me any one who's related by electronic.coz i am programmer. Please any idea on this topic please help and sort.

    1. Thanks alot for your appreciation. Yes you can discuss me via email.


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